Learn, Lead and Innovate 2016

August 11-12, 2016

A culture of innovation, risk taking, and continuous learning as well as capacitybuilding activities are key to the transformations in pedagogical practice, new learning partnerships, enhanced use of digital tools and resources, and strategic design of learning spaces required for the development of 21st century competencies.”  (21st Century Competencies, Ontario Ministry of Education, 2016).

How can school leaders lead and shape a culture of digital age learning the focuses on 21st century pedagogies for deeper learning? This was the underlying theme explored at the third Technology-Enabled Learning Institute (TETL) held on August 11th and 12th in Toronto.  Over 350 principals and vice-principals across the province attended the two-day learning event including 130 members from CPCO!

The institute provided opportunities for professional learning and dialogue about digital enhanced learning, digital leadership and innovation. It was timely and engaging learning event for school leaders as they head back to their school communities to start another school year.


Randy Bissonette

Randy Bissonnette, President of CPCO brought special greetings to our members and acknowledged the valuable work and leadership of the TELL project team and the principals and vice-principals who were involved in presenting at the Summer Institute.


Brenda Sherry

Brenda Sherry, Education Officer, extended a warm welcome and support from the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Her opening remarks highlighted the successful partnerships between the ministry, boards and principal associations in promoting student learning and engagement through innoation, new technologies and ongoing professional learning.

Tell.jpgThe Technology-Enabled Learning and Leading Initiative (TELL), was developed in partnership with ADFO, CPCO and OPC and is intended to provide Ontario School Administrators with an opportunity to engage in inquiry based professional learning experiences that focus on school innovation and technology-enabled pedagogical practice and leadership.  

Since 2014, the TELL initiative, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has provided opportunities to build capacity for school leaders to lead 21st century schools and provide evidence to inform and co-construct professional learning for administrators.


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