Build your digital leadership skills with the 10 Day Challenge

“The Internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity.
This is something truly good, a gift from God.”
– Pope Francis

We live in a digital world where new and emerging technologies are increasingly shaping the way we learn and connect with one another. Students are no longer just on Facebook, they are moving to new digital technologies that enable them to extend their learning both inside and outside the classroom where they can connect, create, share and curate as digital learners. As digital leaders, school principals play a critical role in leading this transformation process by cultivating a digital age Catholic learning environment that embraces 21st century learning and innovation.   

For the past three years, CPCO has been working in partnership with the other principal associations (ADFO and OPC) to build capacity for digital leadership through the ministry funded Technology-Enabled Learning and Leading Project (TELL). This year, CPCO has initiated the 10 Day Challenge with our PQP Instructors and TELL Mentors to support digital learning and leadership. The challenges provide opportunities to deepen your  understanding of the role of the principal as a digital leader. You will be introduced to a variety of digital tools to connect, collaborate and innovate as you journey together with  your PQP learning community and other online professional learning communities.

We invite you to begin the journey with our first two learning challenges that focus on learning how to use Twitter as an educational tool for professional learning, networking and celebrating school successes.   

Learning how to use Twitter is only the start of your journey.  Our hope is that after you complete each challenge, you will feel comfortable with the various tools introduced and that you will continue to extend your digital leadership skills as a Catholic school leader!

Brian Coulson
CPCO Project Lead, TELL Project



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