School Leaders Sharing their Learning on 21C Pedagogies

tell pres2.jpgOnce again, the TELL Institute provided a comprehensive selection of sessions to learn about technology enhanced innovation and 21st century pedagogies in schools across the province.  Principals and vice-principals presented on a variety of school-based initiatives such as agents of change for innovation, principals as connected leaders, educamp strategies for staff learning, collaborative inquiry and mathematical learning enhanced through technology. Participants found the learning sessions fun, informative and jam-packed with ideas to bring back to their schools in September.

  • Very practical workshops involving GAFE and integrating a variety of strategies for meetings
  • I was inspired and empowered by the sessions as they sparked new ideas and energized ideas that were already germinating in my own skillset/toolkit
  • As a leader I learned how to effectively use of the technology for PD and infuse it throughout day to day operations of the school which I can now use in my school to model the use of technology for learning and collaboration.
  • The institute reinforced the critical role the admin team plays in embracing and supporting the 6Cs of deep learning. It also provided concrete examples of how we can enhance professional learning in our school through the effective use of technology.

tell-pres4The TELL initiative is working in partnership with Teach Ontario in providing ongoing professional learning support and resources for Ontario Principals and Vice-PrincipalsThe TELL 2016 Keynote Speeches and presentation resources can be accessed through their website.   To access this information, make sure your register to obtain a login and password.  Go to their Explore site and subspace menu to locate “TELL 2016 Institute Microsite” 

tellMore TELL Institute Resources

  • TELL 2014 Institute Video Series with George Couros and Principal and Vice-Principal Presenters
  • TELL 2015 Institute Video Series with Simon Breakspear, Alec Couros and Principal and Vice-Principal Presenters

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