Road to PLN

This journey begins August 10, 2015 with 4 colleagues from the OCSB. The 4 of us decided to decided to attend the CPCO TELL conference in Toronto. During our two days, we had the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues fromTELL logo.jpg Ontario and hear about their successes and challenges. After the conference two of us thought, let’s apply to present next year so that we can share our journey. We agreed that, although we were nervous we had something to share. Our inspiration came from the work of George Couros in his book “Innovation Mindset.”A year went by. We applied what we learned at the TELL conference and then we noticed the advertisement for this year’s TELL Conference in Toronto and the Math Institute in Niagara. We immediately contacted each member of our group and said “Let’s go”. Without hesitation, everyone was on board. Everyone recognized the great opportunity for learning, sharing and networking.

And so, our journey began. As two of us were presenting and had a lot of materials to bring for our session, we decided to drive. What a trip! We started sharing as soon as we got in the car and it continued for 7 days. Not only did we learn during the day but we had the added advantage of being  able to regroup at night to share connections and best practices. Our learning involved ways of running better staff meetings, ways to leverage technology in our school, math, math and more math What a great way to spend a week in our summer. The staff and organizers were accommodating to our needs and helped make our cross province trip as seamless as possible. Did I mention the wine tasting? Thank you CPCO for this great opportunity.
Suzanne Fitzgerald, Cathy Faux, Ann Beauchamp and Elizabeth Dean (OCSB)

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