Beth Holland shows us how we can create cultures of innovation in our school community

Beth Holland oversees communications – websites, social media, blog posts, and newsletters- as well as instructs workshops and webinars for EdTechTeacher. With over 17 years of educational experience, she provides expertise in mobile learning, K-12 education, and assistive technology. She is an authorized Google Education Trainer as well as a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University.

img_2597.jpgIf Technology is the solution…what is the problem it is trying to solve?

Listening to keynote speaker Beth Holland, Ed Tech researcher at John Hopkins University, speak was the perfect way to close of another exciting and engaging TELL Conference.  Not only did she help us to see beyond the technology to determine what it is exactly that we are intending for students to learn in a technology enabled learning environment, but she was able to engage us in discussion and thought through her audience participation approach.

Her greatest strength was her ability to frame the right questions in order to provoke thought, conversation and properly direct us to what we should be doing in our school communities in order to support higher levels of student achievement.

Showing us a chart which illustrated some of the trends in 21st Century Learning skills over the last few decades, she jokingly referred to the fact that she spent the last 2 years trying to decipher the implications of the shift from a post-industrial to a knowledge based economy.  She was able to get us to see that the skills students needed in the 50’s is not longer in alignment with the skills our millennial students need in order to be successful.

She cautions us not to fall into the trap of “solutionitis” but instead to frame the problem in such a way that we are address a need with intentionality.

For more from Beth, click here.

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