Leading the Maker Movement in Your School

janette hughesDr. Janette Hughes’ research interests include: how adolescents are using social media networking tools to construct their online and offline identities. She investigates the ways students read online material, construct their own texts and the design choices they make. Currently, she is focused on encouraging schools to implement maker culture into their communities.

If our over reaching goal as educators, is to ensure our students have the skills and tools necessary to succeed once they graduate, then implementing a Maker Culture into schools is the method that Dr. Hughes proposes, to help realize this goal. In her keynote session, Dr. Hughes stresses the fact that Maker Cultures encourage 21st century competencies such as innovation, collaboration, creative and critical thinking, perseverance, self-monitoring, reflection and communication.

Janette Hughes, OUIT professor, author of The Digital Principal and proponent of the maker space movement, not only did she provided us with a practical framework to consider as we begin the work of creating innovative spaces in our school communities, but she was able to consider the importance of continuing to explore what educators need to understand about maker pedagogies, and how they can support student learning across subject areas.

In addition to a great keynote, Dr. Hughes, brought her DIY Geek Squad with her who set up a break up room with a variety of maker technologies and ideas. ┬áHearing Dr. Hughes speak provided the frame, with the “Maker” Break-out room as practical eyes on proof of the theory. ┬áTalk about putting your money where your maker-space is.

Click here to access more information and resources from Dr. Janette Hughes.

Follow Dr. Janette Hughes @JanetteMHughes



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