Social LEADia: Jennifer Casa-Todd opens TELL Conference 2017

Kicking off this year’s TELL Conference, Jennifer Casa-Todd, keynote speaker, author of Social LEADia, Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership and teacher, not only brought great enthusiasm and energy to her presentation, but she made conference participants think about their own openness to and uses of social media as a means of communication and of building community and stronger student leadership.

With the advent of BYOD, and a plethora of social media and other online platforms, most administrators and districts were faced with decisions to make about a technology that seemed to be growing faster than we can make policies to manage.


Jennifer Casa-Todd, Author of Social LEADia

Jennifer Casa-Todd, helped us to understand the importance of teaching students how to be good digital citizens.  We can either shut everything down and block access to social media, or we can go to where our 8 second attention span millennials live and learn how to leverage these technologies and then teach them how to make responsible use of them.

Jennifer’s basic message and the central thesis to her insightful book is focused on equipping students for their future by helping them to become digital leaders now.

As part of her inspiring and insightful keynote and workshop, she was able to make us better aware of the types of social media, the possible educational uses of the media, how we can engage students to interact responsibly with the media, how to encourage greater community involvement and how we can, as educators, helps students understand the impact of their their online lives in future and the importance of building a positive digital footprint.

If you would like to learn more or get more information about her book, visit Jennifer Casa-Todd’s blog right here.

Follow Jennifer Casa-Todd @JCasaTodd

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