TELL Conference 2017: Helping Principals and Vice-Principals to Stay on the Cutting Edge of Technology

Every year, the TELL Conference promises to be bigger and better and this year was no exception.  Taking advantage of the fact that there are more Tech-Enabled Leaders among the ranks, this year featured an even wider more eclectic array of presenters and workshops for participants than in previous years.

As always, administrators had opportunities to build leadership capacity as digital leaders in order to enhance learning and collaboration, they were able to explore new technologies and learn how we can leverage this technology to improve student achievement and they had opportunities to work with colleagues to better define and bring coherence to 21st Century learning.

In addition to these wonderful opportunities, participants were able to hear from some of the most provocative and innovative voices in the field of 21st Century Learning.  Jennifer Casa-Todd, author of Social LEADia, and teacher librarian, kicked off this year’s proceedings with her brand of energy and common sense thinking around building digital learners and leaders.  Janette Hughes, OUIT professor, author of The Digital Principal, and maker space innovator shared her thoughts around creating innovative spaces and provided us with opportunities to explore various maker technologies and ideas.  Rounding off the conference was Beth Holland, EdTEch Researcher at John Hopkins University, who not only informed us and our practice by presenting very interesting and relevant information and insights but she entertained with her very unique brand of humour.

Other highlights:

  • Our yearly popcorn and movie session, was not only well attended (more caramel popcorn this year) but allowed us opportunities to conference with each other and share best practices.
  • As always the principal panel, expanded to include no less than 6 perspectives, was a great opportunity to get a glimpse of some of the work principals from across the province are working on in the area of innovative spaces.


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