Reflections on Digital Leadership


Through completing Part 1 and Part 2 of the 10 Day Challenges, I became involved in my very own digital leadership journey as I spent time watching videos, reading articles, and exploring some digital platforms. Each challenge provided an important aspect of digital leadership and provided some hands-on examples to help get my leadership path on its way.  There are so many tools and opportunities available at our fingertips to enhance our leadership with teaching and learning today.

As a Catholic Connected Lead Learner, it is crucial for me to navigate and become familiar with such tools that can assist me in building my capacity for digital leadership. The challenges reflected many areas of the Catholic School Level Leadership Framework, and highlighted various ways technology can enhance the role of a principal. When reflecting on my learning with these challenges, I am more confident that having a growth mindset and developing some ‘moonshot thinking’ is very important for leaders who are committed to providing excellent learning opportunities for all students.

As I embark on this leadership journey, I will be keep myself updated and refreshed with how teachers may use effective instructional strategies that suits the way their children are learning. Building relationships with staff and students at my schools will be the forefront as I continue to motivate and encourage staff to embark in new technological opportunities. I will also try to encourage my staff to participate in professional learning networks where they can stay connected to other teachers across our board. I have also learned that as a leader, I will be accountable to providing a safe environment for students and to ensure that teachers are spending time to teach them how to be responsible global citizens. Children need to learn how important it is to create a positive digital footprint, so part of using technology is also learning how to use if in a safe manner. Learning about and engaging in the various tools provided in these challenges has provided me with a focus on my role as an informed leader.

As a next step, I will continue to use my Twitter account to be informed and learn about new developments in education. Twitter will also enable me to follow some principals and superintendents and stay connected with issues surrounding leadership.  This will also give me ideas about what leaders post and the different ways they use Twitter to promote learning at their own schools. Being informed with the various ministry and board initiatives that are available is also an important way to stay informed. As a teacher, I will also continue to take the time to reflect on my own professional learning and think about ways I could continue to embrace leadership within my classroom and with other staff members. Now that I have completed the 20 challenges, I feel more connected to my beliefs and understandings of Catholic school leadership.  My goal is to continue reflecting on my current role as a teacher and embrace each day, as a new day for learning, and as one step closer on my path toward becoming a Catholic school leader!

S. Fidalgo, 2017

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