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Effective Communication and Parent Engagement in a Digital World

School leaders play a vital role in creating opportunities for engaging and empowering parent involvement in their school communities. In this article, we look at how technology can expand the possibilities for effective communication and parental engagement Brian Coulson & Lou Paonessa How can school leaders leverage the power of technology to effectively communicate, connect and engage families in their

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About Innovation in Learning in Ontario Ontario’s graduates are entering a world that is more competitive, globally connected, and technologically engaged than any other period in history. All around the world, various jurisdictions are exploring how to prepare their students to lead fulfilling lives, be productive citizens, and thrive in rapidly changing, global knowledge-based economies that are driven by technology. Increasingly,

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Blogging with Kinderkids!

Kindergarten students at St. William School, WECDSB, dive into their inaugural coding experience! Sandwiched among the many responsibilities administrators have is the hope that innovation can be fostered at your site. Technology innovation can be a challenging minefield with multiple platforms (Apple, Microsoft, Google etc.), a formidable number of applications and wildly varying staff skill levels. My goal with this

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Modeling Collaboration and Communication Global Competencies as Administrators

  The opportunities afforded by digital technologies to increase communication, collaboration, and productivity are limitless. Allowing yourself to push past the anxiety of new technologies, diving into uncharted waters will be well worth the effort! In fact, it is a necessary step if we wish to realize the potential of our staffs and students. Our efforts to model new apps

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Debbie Donsky brings the Keynotes alive with her amazing Sketchnotes

Student Achievement Officer, Ministry of Education of Ontario, Principal, writer, thinker, creator, designer, mommy, teacher, leader, learner of all things Visual notetaking, more commonly referred to as sketchnotes, can be defined as the process of representing ideas by “drawing pictures.”  In a sense, what you are doing when you create a sketch note is finding  artistic ways of visually capturing and representing ideas. Debbie

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Beth Holland shows us how we can create cultures of innovation in our school community

Beth Holland oversees communications – websites, social media, blog posts, and newsletters- as well as instructs workshops and webinars for EdTechTeacher. With over 17 years of educational experience, she provides expertise in mobile learning, K-12 education, and assistive technology. She is an authorized Google Education Trainer as well as a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University. If Technology is the

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