How to Create Your Own Twitter Moment

Twitter Moments
Is there a digital leadership topic that resonates with you or a faith or learning school event that you would like to share? Twitter Moments enables you to add a Title, Brief Description, Cover (pic or video), and Content (Selected tweets) to create your curated moment and story.

  1. Go to your Twitter profile and click on Moments on the drop-down menu
  2. Click on the Create A Moment button
  3. Add a Title and Description. Twitter recommends keeping your title short, but descriptive. Your description should give users a taste of what to expect in your Moment and engage their interest. (keep your description to about 240 characters …anything over this limit will be highlighted.) 
  4.  For your Cover – choose a cover using photos or videos from tweets, or by uploading an image of your choice. However, it might be better to wait and add your cover picture or video after you have completed your content (step 5).  Once you have your content, you can select a picture or video from one of your selected tweets as your cover. 
  5. There are a variety of ways you can add tweets for Content:
    • You can choose from tweets you’ve liked (or favorited)
    • Pick tweets from specific accounts
    • Find tweets via a Twitter search ( such as #PQP10, #ontedleaders, @CPCOofficial)
    • Add tweets directly using the tweet’s link.

    To add a tweet to your Moment, click on the grey √ on the right of the tweet.  As you click  tweet, it will be added to your Moment.   

    You can arrange the order of your tweets scroll up to the content of your Moment collection, click on the arrow buttons (up or down) to move or arrange the tweet(s) in your Twitter Moment.

    To delete a tweet, scroll up to where the tweet is located in your Moment and click on the X beside it to remove.

    Twitter recommends you only add up to 10 tweets to keep your audience engaged…but you can add more if needed. Consider adding tweets that include texts, pictures or videos related to your story or topic.  

6. Options for Finishing or Publishing your Twitter Moment

  • Select Finish Later to save your Tweetable Moment in draft form.  You  can get back to your draft Moment by selecting your Twitter profile again, select Moments, then select the draft version you want to work on again
  • To Publish only to a select group of people you want to share with, click on the More menu on the top left side of the screen.  Select Make Moment link only and send the link to your selected group 
  • To Publish on your Twitter site, select publish.  This will create a tweet with a link to your Twitter moment