“The digital world can be an environment rich in humanity;
a network not of wires 
but of people.
Let us become citizens of the digital world.”
–  Pope Francis

Welcome to the Connected Leadership Modules! This part of the PQP leadership program represents CPCO’s commitment to building capacity for aspiring leaders as they prepare to lead in a digital age. The modules complement the Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework and are closely aligned to the newly released ISTE Standards for Educational Leaders.

Connected Leadership Modules

Module 1 – Visionary Leadership in a Digital Age
Module 2 – Leaders as Equity & Citizenship Advocates
Module 3 – Empowering Innovative Learning Environments
Module 4 – Leaders as Connected Learners
Module 5 – Enhancing Communication & Community Partnerships with Technology

The Connected Leadership Modules include several learning engagements for you to select as a learning focus for supporting your professional learning and growth as a connected learner and leader. They provide opportunities to critically explore how leaders empower the use of technology to foster digital‐age cultures for innovation, citizenship, equity, and community engagement. The modules also include the opportunity to explore various social media and digital tools to enhance your leadership skills for communication and collaboration.

We wish you continued success in your leadership journey and hope that your find these modules a valuable part of your learning experience!  Below is a list of important guidelines to follow as you begin the Connected Leadership Modules.

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  • The Connected Leadership Modules are located in the Connect2Innovate website.
  • By the end of PQP Part 2, candidates will have worked through at least two or more of the learning engagements in each module. Part 2 candidates will ensure they select learning engagements that are different from the ones they selected in Part 1.
  • PQP candidates are part of a broader online learning community where they contribute to the learning of others by reflecting and sharing their learning through the PQP Twitter PLN’s; #PQP10 (Part 1), #PQP20 (Part 2) and their class online reflection sheets.  if needed, click on this link to help you create a twitter account
  • The online reflection sheets are part of the evaluation component of the PQP program. They provide opportunities for PQP candidates to reflect and share their professional growth, perspectives and leadership actions as a connected leader in their Catholic school community.
  • In PQP Part 2, candidates highlight their leadership growth and key learnings to their Leadership Portfolio Assignment as they work through the Connected Leadership Modules.
  • It is important to review and follow the policies and guidelines set out by your school board regarding the appropriate use of social media and digital technologies.

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