To Lead is to be Connected

In today’s digital world, the nature of leadership is changing. To be a leader is to be a learner and perhaps, the most vulnerable learner in the school. Being a connected Catholic school leader today involves taking risks in order to maximize influence in their schools, communities and beyond. For school leaders, it’s no longer a question of “are you

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Road to PLN

This journey begins August 10, 2015 with 4 colleagues from the OCSB. The 4 of us decided to decided to attend the CPCO TELL conference in Toronto. During our two days, we had the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from Ontario and hear about their successes and challenges. After the conference two of us thought, let’s apply to

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Creating BYOD Digital Citizenship Guidelines for your School

From Creating a WIFI Pervasive Learning Environment to Ensuring Respectful Use of Technology in the Classroom Three years ago, as I moved into the role of principal of a very vibrant and forward thinking high school, I invested a sizable portion of the school reserve into installing WIFI in the school.  At the time, it seemed to suffice having one

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