Day Eight



Developing Your Catholic Leadership Voice
Through Blogging

Explore and apply a variety of digital
learning tools to enhance your
professional learning and
digital leadership skills!

Philippians 2:4
“Let each of you look not to your own interests,
but to the interests of others.


Learning focus

To learn how to set up and use a blog as a communication tool as a connected Catholic school leader

Introducing the challenge

In the previous challenge, we looked at how blogs are valuable platforms for building your online presence as an educational leader. Blogs can help create your voice for Catholic leadership while sharing ideas and resource with colleagues and other educators. 

In this challenge we invite you to begin the process of learning how to set up your own blog. While there are many different blog platforms to use, we introduce Blogger as a free and bloggerand friendly interface for staring your first blog. However, as you become more familiar with its platform, you will discover other features that can be used to further enhance and extend your blog space. Blogger is also part of GSuite and can be easily access through Chrome or your Google account. You are welcome to explore other blog platforms of your choosing. Keep in mind that a blog is a work in progress.  You might consider setting up your blog as an e-portfolio for leadership or a space to reflect on your own professional learning. This video provides a brief introduction to the main features of a blog.    

PQP Curriculum Connections
● Continue to develop communication skills
● Supporting networks and the role of professional organizations

The Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework
● Setting Directions
● Building Relationships and People
● Securing Accountability and Transparency

ISTE Standards for Administrators
● Visionary Leadership
● Excellence in Professional Practice

Doing the challenge

“In blogging..I get to return to my professional passion: learning about, reflecting upon, and sharing ideas about K-12 education in the 21st century.”– Jonathan Martin

If you are new to blogging, follow the steps below to help set up a blog through Blogger. View this video for an introduction to Blogger.  (Note: As mentioned earlier, you can choose any blog platform of interest to you besides Blogger…consider connecting with a colleague or friend who uses this blog platform and can provide you with some support)

Steps for creating a Blog with Blogger 

  1. Make sure you are using your Chrome Browser
  2. Select the Blogger app from the Google Apps menu (dotted icon – refer to left side of page) or go to
  3. Select “Create your Blog.” You will be asked you to complete your profile (optional) and continue to Blogger.   The next step is to give your blog a title, blog address or URL and layout (your might want to consider starting with a simple layout and update later). Click “Create a Blog” once you have completed these steps and this will take you to your personal Blog site that includes different menu items  
  4. Select “New Post”  (You are now in the compose mode where you can practice and create a draft blog post.  As you work on a post, keep saving it until you are ready to publish)
    • Give your post a title (e.g.,  New Learnings)
    • Compose text for your post and add any relevant links, pictures or videos
    • Save your draft so that your can work on it later (when you save your post it is only in a draft form and not public or shared)
  5. In your personal blog site, you can alway click on the “help” link for additional support to learn how to customize your blog.
  6. When you are ready to publish, learn the different options for sharing your blogspot (public, specific people, etc.)

In your class reflection sheets, share your experiences in setting up a blog and your next steps or possible topics of interest for posting a blog related to your work as a Catholic school leader. Think about how you might use your blog site to share your thinking and reflections as a connected leader.  

If you are already have a blog site, post a blog on a leadership topic or faith event in your school that has significance to you and your growth as a Catholic school leader. Share you thoughts and blog link in your class reflections sheets. 

Sample Reflections from PQP Candidates

Bright Ideas

“Today I stretched my learning and created and published my first blog…oh how proud I am of myself. I did it! Well done, Jody! I looked past my own interest (which would be to say ‘I can’t do this’) and looked into the interests of ‘the other’. The video provided was outstanding in walking you through each step required to achieve blog success. As a future Principal this is again another rich and rewarding tool that I have available to keep my communication channels open and transparent with staff, parents, community (parish). A staff meeting ‘workshop’ focused on guiding teachers through this blog process would enrich the school community by encouraging / inviting teachers to produce a class blog communication system to outreach to parents. Each month thereafter – at a staff meeting – I would have a teacher ‘highlight’ a challenge / success from their blog experience so that we may all grow together on this journey. What a great initiative if the entire school focused on a blog ‘goal’ for the duration of a school year. I wonder how many teachers would be hooked on blogging after that year was finished?” – J. McDonald, 2016

Beyond the challenge…



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