Day Four


Telling Your Story – Digital Curation 

Explore and apply a variety of digital
learning tools to enhance your
professional learning and
digital leadership skills!

Psalm 119:105
“Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.”

Learning focus

To explore how digital curation tools like Twitter Moments can help build your leadership capacity and practice as a connected school leader

Introducing the challenge

tell-your-storyIn the previous challenge, we looked as some examples of how digital curation can be a valuable leadership practice for highlighting student successes and sharing professional learning resources and collaborations. Today many educational leaders are using a variety of different curation tools to share their professional learning with colleagues and to tell their story of learning and leading in a digital age. In this challenge, we invite you to explore a digital curation tool of interest to you and to share your ideas of how you might use these tools to further your leadership growth as a digital leader.  

(Please note = If you have used Storify as a curation tool in the past, it is no longer available as a free content curation tool.  Jennifer Casa-Todd’s recent blog shares how to move your storify collections to a new app, called Wakelet)

PQP Curriculum Connections
● Bringing your school’s faith journey to life
● Helping to shape your Catholic School Culture

The Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework
● Improving the Instructional Program
● Securing Accountability

ISTE Standards for Administrators
● Dgital Age Learning Culture
● Excellence in Professional Practice

Doing the challenge

“Our stories matter… Your stories matter…For you never
know how much of a difference they make and to whom.”
– Caroline Joy Adams

As a starting point for this challenge, look at how these school leaders use digital curation to “tell their story” about their professional learning experiences and learning in their school communities:   Capture the Moment: Using Twitter Moments in Education and  Video: Learning in an Alternative School   What connects with you in these digital leadership stories?  Share your thoughts on #PQP10. 

Twitter Moments

In this challenge, we introduce Twitter Moments as one possible tool for content curation. This new feature from Twitter enables you curate and share valuable learning moments or events using pictures, video and tweets from various twitter sources (your own twitter account, #twitter hashtags, or browse various educational topics of interest on twitter). It allows you to add your own unique voice for curation as you reflect, select and curate the information to share with others.

If you are new to Twitter Moments, follow these steps to get started and view the following video as a guide for creating a Twitter moment.  In creating your Twitter Moment consider a leadership topic, question or theme of interest to you. For example, select a twitter conversation that is curated under a hashtag such as #PQP10 or another hashtag PLN that your follow.  You could also select tweets posted from a faith or learning at your school to curate or share with others.

Alternatively, you can share or explore another curation tool of interest to you.  (e.g. pinterest, scoopit, flipbook,  etc.).  This link provides a brief description and links to of other content curation tools used by educators.

In your reflection sheets,  How do you see digital curation as a valuable tool for your own leadership practices as a digital leader?  What do you see as your next step?

Bright Ideas

Sample Reflections from PQP Candidates

“I signed up for Storify and I will have to say that it is quite user friendly. I found myself loving this challenge!! I began my educational journey story by adding inspirational videos that fit into what I believe in as a leader. Simon Sinek speaks about “a circle of safety” that I associated with being a leader. The environment that we will create in our schools creates trust and cooperation. My storify continued with a few more additions that represent my leadership style. I worked beyond the challenge, creating a padlet for my leadership presentation and have incorporated it into my own classroom with my grade 6 students.”  – F. Kreikmann, 2017


Beyond the challenge…




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